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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 2: Rivals and Demons

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As Maron's celestial quest develops, however, she gains an impressive set of adversaries, including her best friend from childhood, Miyako, who's committed to seeing the thief Jeanne brought to justice, and the mysterious Kaitou Sinbad, who wants to beat her at her own game. And what's with the extremely hot new history teacher?

 Time Access

 Sinbad Swings into Action A1/A2

 Sinbad Swings into Action A3/A4

 Sinbad Swings into Action A5/A6

 Sinbad Swings into Action A7

 Sinbad Swings into Action : Animated dougas

 Chibi Miyako gets a medal: A1

 Chibi Miyako gets a medal: A2

 Chibi Miyako gets a medal: A3/C3

 Maron and Chiaki . . . (genga, rough, and layout)

 Maron and Chiaki . . . (douga)

 . . . and Miyako


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