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A lustrous pearl of mani he is indeed,
Immune to all spears and swords.
He could be good;
He could be bad;
Present good and evil he could do at will.
He'd be an immortal, a buddha, if he's good;
Wickedness would coat him with hair and horn.
Endlessly changing he runs amok
Not to be seized by fighting lords or thunder gods.

-- The Journey to the West (Chinese epic, 16th C.)

 Yōkai Son Goku: A1 genga

 Yōkai Son Goku: A3 douga

 Yōkai Son Goku: A3 douga (reverse)

 Chibi captive Son Goku

 Down but not out!

 Woozy Goku

 Soft-Eyed Goku

 Son Goku from the Ground Up

 Goku and His Comfort Pillow

 Confronting Some Demons: B1

 Running Son Goku

 Son Goku Ready for a Scrap: A1

 Son Goku Ready for a Scrap: A2

 Scary Son Goku

 All Right ... (Rough and Genga)

 All Right ... (Shuusei)

 All Right ... (Eyeball zoom)

 “Let’s Play Mahjong”

 Gunlock: Son Goku Attacks Hazel

  "It's true!" B2/B3

 Son Goku has lunch: C1 rough and genzu

 Son Goku has lunch: C7

 Son Goku has lunch: C13

 Son Goku has lunch: animated dougas

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