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Li Meilin was a character invented for the anime, where she plays a "spoiler" role familiar in other shoujo series. However, the creators didn't allow her character to become a static stereotype: the wonder is that she too develops through the series, turning from a pest to a genuinely admirable, mature young woman. This quirky mix of strong and weak makes her character design especially interesting, as you can see from the wide variety of cels I've collected featuring her.

The character was voiced by Yukana Nogami (simply "Yukana" after 2001), a wide-ranging seiyuu. She occupied herself during the production down-time between seasons two and three of CCS by creating the pivotal character of Natsumi in Tenshi ni Narumon. Her work is also familiar as the dour laptop persicon Kotoko in Chobits and as Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa, the captain and creator of the Tuatha De Danaan submarine in the Full Metal Panic saga.

 Meilin vs. The Fight: The First Round

 Meilin vs. The Fight: A15

 Meilin vs. Fight A22

 Meilin vs. Fight A26

 Meilin vs. Fight A29

 Meilin vs. Fight: A35 END

 Cardcaptor Meilin

 Meilin Jogging A1

 Meilin Jogging A2

 Meilin Jogging Animated

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