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Powerpuff Girls Z 15A.1: The Targeted Fashion Show

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Many of the sketches that have come up for sale from this series come from the first half of Episode 15: "The Targeted Fashion Show." This provides an unusual opportunity to see not just the range of sketch art produced in the CGI age, but actually get a feel for the texture of an individual episode. Looking through this gallery will give you a sense of a depth of artistic decisions that go into even a relatively short and simple-minded animated plot.

This half-episode featured animation direction by Masaki Abe, an animator with extensive experience, beginning in the mid-1970s. He got his start as episode animation director working with Osamu Tezuka on the short-lived 1975 Toei series Jetter Mars, a reworking of Tezuka's cherished Astro Boy. He subsequently worked on a variety of "golden age" series, notably Fushigi na Koala Blinky aka "Noozles" (Nippon, 1984).

It is significant that all of the PPGZ episodes for which art was released had Abe as episode animation director. While they show a variety of sketching styles in different hands, some of the most effective sketches, especially those done on yellow paper or in blue pencil, probably are Abe's own work. Others are likely early conceptions that the director tried out on paper, then rejected in favor of better ideas.

Caution! Spoilers! Though, to be sure, with a show like PPGZ, that's like giving spoilers for a Roadrunner cartoon. The plot, really, is only an excuse to hold together a series of outrageous and exuberent visual moments.

But, simply put, Momoko and Miyako are recruited to style outfits designed by a loony fashion designer and her assistant. Mojo Jojo infiltrates the show to steal stylish outfits to wear when he takes over the world, but the Powerpuff Girls intervene to save the day.

This episode gives the animators ample range to work with spectacular outfits, not only for the protagonists, but for a rich side cast of minor characters. As world-renowned fashion designer Shiri no Janko-sensei says, Imagination is important!

 Heart-eyed Momoko

 Miyako Too!

 An Offer to Be a Model

 Momoko and Miyako Agree

 Kaoru Opts Out

 Momoko Is a Little Nervous

 Sensei and a Model

 Momoko and Miyako: Pan Fashion Shot

 Distressing Taste in Belts!

 Momoko and Miyako on the Runway

 Sports fashions: The Sprinter, Tennis Player, and Bowler

 Sports fashions: The Gymnast and the Volleyball Player

 Sports fashions: The Long-Distance Runner

 Miyako and Momoko: A Little Taken Aback

 Mojo Jojo Is Nearly Exposed

 Momoko: Pretty Hat

 Kaoru and Ken See Danger!

 Momoko Slips

 Mojo's Scheme Prospers

 Mojo Jojo Admires His Disguise

 Mojo Gets a Compliment

 Mojo Reveals Himself

 Random Girls in the Background

 Mojo Reveals Himself 2.
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