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Tenshi ni Narumon 07: Eros and Muse

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This gallery focuses on the two sympathetic villains of the second story arc, Eros, the loyal servant of Silky, and Muse, the horned, shape-shifting schemer who mingles with Noelle's classmates and tries to prevent her from becoming a true angel.

Muse is deeply in love with Eros, but he is single-mindedly bent on winning his mistress's undying love, so their relationship remains star-crossed. Then, in an hair-raising turn of events, it turns deadly for both of them.

Both roles were cast strongly. Eros was voiced by Omi Minimi, a female seiyuu with a very wide range. She has created an number of central dramatic roles, notably Euphemia li Britannia in Code Geass and Ruri Hoshino in Martian Successor Nadesico.

Muse was voiced by Sakura Tange during a brief production break between the second and third seasons of Cardcaptor Sakura, in which she played the title role of Sakura Kinomoto. A veteran of Tonde Buurin and Sailor Moon Super S, Tange also created Princess Mill in Maze. After taking a break to concentrate on her vocal career, she has recently returned to anime, portraying the catgirl Violet Amaretto in Dog Days (2011-12).

 Fountain Pen Muse chases Noelle

 Fountain Pen Muse chases Noelle: background

 Fountain Pen Muse chases Noelle: extras

 Muse as the Kami of Education 1

 Schoolhouse Muse in shock

 Noelle + Muse

 Eros with Red Yarn: gengas

 Eros with Red Yarn: A4/B4 cel and douga

 Muse chains Noelle to the Statue

 Sleeping Eros: A1 layout and rough

 Sleeping Eros: A1 genga and shuusei

 Sleeping Eros: A1 cel

 Sleeping Eros: A2 and A3

 Sleeping Eros: A5 genga and shuusei

 “You Have Me”


 Eros falls

 Muse Holding Eros’s Body

 “You Are the Pathetic One!”

 Silky to Muse: “Shut up!”

 Muse curses Silky: A2

 Muse Curses Silky: A13

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