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Tenshi ni Narumon 03: Natsumi

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Natsumi is one of the key characters in the series. Initially an older, disdainful senpai to a naively curious Yuusuke, as the series develops we learn more and more about her vulnerable side. The "dream sequences" where she confronts the pain of her elder brother's death are among the most powerful in shoujo anime, as are her final confrontations with this pain in the series finale. The scenes in which she turns back time and becomes her child self again are also by turns charming and chillingly frank about death.

It didn't hurt that the role was cast so strongly: the seiyuu was Yukana Nogami, well known to CLAMP fans as the creator of Li Meilin (CCS) and of Kotoko (Chobits).

Note: "Naked Chibi-Natsumi" is cute in an Anne Geddes fashion rather than ecchi or hentai, but as it might offend some viewers, I've given it the "Birthday Suit" curtains. Please exercise your conscience before looking at it.

 Natsumi’s Scream: A2

 Natsumi's scream: A4

 “You Laughed!”

 Natsumi: “Why should I laugh?”

 Natsumi nonplussed

 I’m a Henshin Cel?

 Naked Chibi-Natsumi

 Chibi-Natsumi by her Brother’s Grave

 Chibi-Natsumi peeks out of her hiding place

 Chibi-Natsumi in Her Durian Costume.

 “I want to see Onii-chan”

 Natsumi gets to see her brother again

 Natsumi and her brother

 Fuyuki and Natsumi

 Natsumi refuses to give him up

 Natsumi and Nekhbet: A0

 Natsumi and Nekhbet: A1

 Natsumi and Nekhbet: A2

 Natsumi and Nekhbet: A3

 Natsumi and Nekhbet: A4

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