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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 26 (What is Truly Important)

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This gallery collects my cels and sketch sets from this powerful series finale, a fitting conclusion to this great anime and one of the finest episodes from any series in the estimation of anyone who has seen it. (No thanks to its American licensor, Synch-Point, which suspended release of the series after Step 13!)

Script: Mamiko Ikeda
Storyboards and Episode Directors: Hiroshi Nishikiori and Kiyotaka Ohata
Animation Directors: Hiromi Kato, Takayuki Yanase, Noboru Jitsuhara, and Hideki Hashimoto

Caution! Spoilers abound! I've put all the descriptions below the images for people who want to see the cels without reading the narrative context. But the images tell the story in itself. Fortunately, it's so good an episode that you can watch it repeatedly for its own sake, even after you know how it turns out.

 Mikael with wings

 Mikael Watches Silky in Shock

 Silky: “These Wings Can Just … Burn!

 Noelle's Wings Start to Burn

 Raphael Looks at Natsumi in Surprise: A5

 Natsumi Sees Her Brother

 Raphael Smiles at Natsumi: A18

 Tenshi ni Narumon!

 Noelle’s new wings: A29

 Noelle’s New Wings: A35

 Noelle’s new wings: A42

 Angel Noelle Swoops Down to Save Yuusuke

 Angel Noelle Catches Yuusuke

 “Yuusuke, I’m an angel!”

 Mikael takes charge of the others

 Silky Astonished

 Silky Continues to Resist

 Noelle Glomps Silky

 Angel Noelle hugs Silky

 Silky’s Transformation: A13

 Silky’s Transformation: A28

 Now What?

 Angel Noelle Runs Through Yuusuke

 Angel Noelle’s Wings Carry Her Away
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