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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 19 (The Bu Bu Bloomers Episode)

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Ruka, the tomboy inventor of Noelle's family, has invented a flying device that works on internally generated gases. Unfortunately, she learns, to produce an adequate supply of fuel, you have to eat large amounts of yakiimos, or roasted sweet potatoes, which like baked beans are noted for producing flatulence. [Ruka is certainly onto something here: Tsou and Yang, in their definitive ISHS Acta Horticulturae study Flatulence Factors in Sweet Potato, found that feeding sweet potato starch to laboratory rats did indeed lead to significant production of gases that would be theoretically useful as alternative clean energy sources.] In so doing, Ruka comes into conflict with Eros, Silky's infatuated minion, who has gotten the idea that he will win his mistress's heart by obtaining large quantities of the same treat for her.

From this unlikely premise comes Step 19 (Power of Love), one of the great Tennimon episodes. By chance I've gotten an unusually large number of sketch sets from this plot, which are easier to appreciate when they're put together, alongside the cels I've been able to nab. Some of these are hidden to keep this gallery to one page, so go to "Private Area" and enter the password "seemorestuff" if you want more.

Screenplay: Michiko Yokote
Storyboard:Tsuneo Kobayashi
Episode director: “Sei Matsuda”
Episode animation director: “Nobuhiko Kobayashi” (pseudonym for Yoshihiko Takakura)

See the note to the first item in the gallery for more information on these four artists.

 Ruka explains how the Bu Bu Boomers work

  “I’m gonna fly!”

 Papa Helping Noelle Fly

 Noelle Tries out the Bloomers: Gengas

 Noelle Tries out the Bloomers: Reanimation

 Noelle Tries out the Bloomers: A10 cel

 We Do Not Have Liftoff

 Noelle needs more gas

 A new plan

 Refining the Flight Plan

 Buying yakiimos from Mikael

 The Great Eros/Ruka Chase

 The Great Eros/Ruka Chase

 The Great Eros/Ruka Chase

 Ruka Grabs Eros: Layout and Rough

 Ruka Grabs Eros: cel and douga

 Ruka Grabs Eros (alternative version)

 Dizzy Eros and Irate Ruka: A1/B1 cels

 Eros Dazed: Rough and layout

 Sweet Potato Duel Spectators: 1

 Ruka in a Rage: Genga and Rough

 Ruka in a Rage: A1/B2 cel layers

 A Misunderstanding: Storyboards

 A Misunderstanding: B1/D4 cel layers
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