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A joint project of Toei Studios with Aniplex (formerly Sony) and the Cartoon Network, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, thoroughly rethought Craig McCracken’s familiar American series in mahou shoujo terms. Running in 52 episodes from July 2006 to June 2007, it is cannily self-aware, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and includes some outrageous visual humor. These were worked up in some of the most exuberant rough gengas I’ve ever seen.

This introductory section is based around the Entrance Bank that the Powerpuff Girls do in nearly every episode from #15 on. It gives each Girl a moment in the spotlight, and then shows them posing in solidarity together, a good introduction for first-time browsers. Also included are a few sketches from the first Ending sequence.

 Entrance Bank: Miyako a.ka. Rolling Bubbles.

 Entrance Bank: Kaoru a.k.a. Powered Buttercup.

 Entrance Bank: Momoko aka Hyper Blossom 1

 Entrance Bank: Momoko aka Hyper Blossom 2

 Entrance Bank: All Three (First Pose)

 Entrance Bank: All Three (Second Pose)

 Entrance Bank: All Three (Final Pose)

 Blossom: Practice Sketches?

 First ED: Girlz in an Arcade

 First ED: Momoko Going on Stage

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