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Tonde Buurin: Karin, Buurin, and Ton-chan

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This 1995 series isn't well known in this country, but it's generated quite a set of cult followers in Asia. With a plot focused on a magical girl who turns into Super Pig, complete with red-and-blue cape and initial on her chest, this series sends up both the magical girl genre and the American superhero concept at the same time. And with character design by Hiromi Kato (who later did Tenshi ni Narumon) how can it not be collectable?

This gallery collects my cels of Buurin and her magical helper Ton-chan, along with those of Karin in action. Don't miss the selection of OP, ED, and eye-popping henshin cels in this gallery!

For getting this collection going, I owe a big debt to Vapalla for sharing with me a large number of cels from her secret hoard. You can browse a much wider selection of delightful Tonde Buurin cels at her gallery if you just click here!

 Dynamic Buurin

 Flying Buurin

 Sad Pig in the Hay

 Buurin and Ton-chan in Sorrow

 Buurin Helps Karin Study for Exams

 Ton-chan Blows the Whistle

 Karin Studying for Midterms

 Karin Preparing to Transform in the Bushes

 Bathtime for Ton-chan!

 Karin and Masami in Hawaii

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