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Tonde Buurin: Karin, Buurin, and Ton-chan

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This gallery collects my cels of Buurin and her magical helper Ton-chan, along with those of Karin in action.

For getting this collection going, I owe a big debt to Vapalla for sharing with me a large number of cels from her secret hoard. You can browse a much wider selection of delightful Tonde Buurin cels at her gallery if you just click here!

 Dynamic Buurin

 Flying Buurin

 Sad Pig in the Hay

 Buurin and Ton-chan in Sorrow

 Buurin Helps Karin Study for Exams

 Ton-chan Blows the Whistle

 Karin Studying for Midterms

 Karin Preparing to Transform in the Bushes

 Bathtime for Ton-chan!

 Karin and Masami in Hawaii

Curator: 60something-sensei
Gallery Created: 8/3/2002
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Presentation 8.80/10   Collection 9.45/10   Overall 9.02/10   Votes 81 votes
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