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Condition Green OVA 3: Cels: Bad Girl and Other Baddies

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The aliens' minion, "Bad Girl" aka Raiza/Liza (she of the breast implant that turns into a scary but not terribly functional dueling sword) must be one of the great underappreciated villainesses of anime. I've by now collected enough cels featuring her contribution to the OVA to grant her a little digital shrine.

Also included here are a few cels of her partners in evil, the infandous Paula Prairie and her alien advisor, the one and only Moby Dick!

 Bad Girl

 Bad Girl on Her Cell Phone

 Bad Girl Portrait.

 Ultimate Evil Bad Girl portrait

 Bad Girl with a big gun

 Bad Girl takes aim

 Bad Girl taken aback

 Bad Girl shows her claws

 Bad Girl Piloting a Spacecraft

 Bad Girl rides off

 Bad Girl Uses Her Whip

 Bad Girl Uses Her Whip: Reanimation

 Bad Girl Dueling with Keith

 Paula Prairie

 Pensive Paula

 Paula confers with the Emperor

 Moby Dick

 Gyazarian Invasion Machine

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