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Falling getween Yoshitoshi ABe's two masterpieces, Serial Experiments Lain (1998) and Haibane Renmei (2002) this interesting 13-episode series, made in 2000, is based on a short manga by the same artist. It combines a slice-of-life approach with ABe's whimsical fantasy humor by combining two stories. One focuses on Chigasaki Mayuko, an empoverished student struggling in a painfully realistic way to earn money for rent and tuition, and the other deals with NieA_7 ("Knee-ya under seven"), an lower-caste alien child from a crashed UFO who has taken up residence in Mayuko's closet. The two are incompatible in every way, and yet they develop an awkward friendship.

Production art seems very scarce for this early CGI series: among other RS galleries, I located other NieA galleries in Just a few cels and in Cenbe's Cel & Sketch Gallery. There are also individual sketches and sets in Doug’s Cels and in Hoodies and Raindrops Cel Gallery. Most interesting, however, are the three production backgrounds from the series owned by The Lonely Mountain, including the crater formed when NieA's UFO crashed.

 Mayuko and Chie: B1/C1

 Mayuko and Chie: B2/C3

 Mayuko and Chie: B3 END

 Mayuko Portrait: rough and layout

 Mayuko Portrait: A1

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B1

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B2

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B3

 Mayuko Thanks Genzo B4

 Mayuko Looking at a Rainbow: A1 Rough and Genga

 Mayuko Looking at a Rainbow: A2 Genga and Layout

 Mayuko Looking at a Rainbow: A3 Genga and Layout

 Mayuko on the Phone

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: layouts

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: roughs

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: B2 genga

 Mayuko Loses Her Popsicle: B3 genga

 Last Scene: NieA’s New UFO Appears: A4, A6, A11

 Last Scene: NieA’s New UFO Appears: A13

 Last Scene: NieA’s New UFO Appears: A14

 Last Scene: NieA’s New UFO Appears: Reanimation

 Last Scene: Mayuko’s Final Scream: A1

 Last Scene: Mayuko’s Final Scream: A4e

 Last Scene: Mayuko’s Final Scream: Reanimation

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