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Saiyuki, like Dragonball Z, an adaptation of the classic Chinese tale The Journey to the West. Not a DBZ person, I was hesitant to watch it, but Vapalla and Tex-chan showed me so much wonderful art from this series (courtesy of my favorite animation team, Studio Pierrot) that I couldn?t help starting to look for lively sketch sets.

I'm now beginning (with Reload) and can see at once why there are so many wonderful pan sketches. The studio took a page from Ken Burns's documentary techniques, where he often created visual drama by panning over or into a still photograph while an actor provided voice-over dialogue in the back. This strategy is used over and over in this series, and the camera is rarely still. This allowed the series to be shot with fewer CG images, but as the ones used linger on the screen for several seconds, they had to be much more polished and visually exciting than usual.

The process of generating the images was also more meticulous, with many extra roughs and conceptual sketches. I've generously sampled these extra steps below, so take your time and look at the thumbnails.

 Kanzeon Bosatsu

 Turned to stone: harmony cel

 Sanzo and Gojyo on a Double Date

 Gojyo in Action: B1/D1

 Gojyo in Action: B2/D2 and B3/D3

 Gojyo in Action: B4/D4

 Gojyo in Action: B5/D5 and B6/D6

 Gojyo in Action: B7/D7 and B8/D8

 Gojyo in Action: D9 and D10

 Gojyo in Action: D11

 Gojyo in Action: D11 (the wink!)

 Sanzo Profile: Layout and rough

 Sanzo Profile: Genga and Shuusei

 "It's true!" The Guyz Look On

 Sanzo Stagger: A1

 Sanzo Stagger: A2

 Sanzo Stagger: A3

 The Sanzo Party (with Hakuryuu)

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