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Condition Green OVA 1.0: Episode 3 Storyboard

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This action-oriented series was a 1991 production of Hero Communication, a short-lived division of Toei Studios. Shigeyasu Yamauchi was the series director and overall supervisor: a Toei regular, he did much of the work for Dragonball Z.

This conte (continuity) or storyboard is the original document, not a photocopy. It covers Episode 3 ("Infiltration") of the six in the OAV.

As the series is not available in North America, I've had to rely on my anime sense in interpreting what happens. Fortunately, the story line seems formulatic enough to follow if you've seen a few series of this type.

It may not be a masterpiece of the genre, but you'll find that it generates a fair amount of excitement on its own terms.

 1: Title and opening

 4: Earth is about to be screwed

 8. Psychedelic squirrel trouble

 9: Condition Green kicking back

 10: The squirrels love Mr. G.

 12: George starts to sing

 13: George's image song

 19: This doesn't look good

 20: Seattle is destroyed

 21a: The aliens give an ultimatum

 21b: Emerald Earth is not intimidated

 29: Back in the saddle again

 41a: Condition Green arrives

 41b: The alien base

 43: Inside the alien commissary

 45: Cell phone dirty tricks

 48: Diversionary tactics

 54: Rat-tat-tat-tat

 59: CG penetrates the alien base

 62: Exploring the tentacle room

 72: Eddie looks for the men's room

 73: Oops!

 75: Good work, Eddie!

 76: Keep that stock combat animation coming!
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