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Hyper Police Cels 1: Natsuki

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This gallery groups cel art featuring the series' main character, Natsuki. She is technically a nekomata-half with a human father and a cat-spirit mother, making her sort of a NekoYasha.

She was voiced by Yuko Miyamura, who does justice both to her flustered, random side and her dangerously effective "all business" side. Miyamura also created Asuka Langley Soryu in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise, as well as the annoying alien child Niea_7 in the series of that name.

 Insane Natsuki

 Natsuki on the Prowl

 Natsuki passes her bounty hunter examination

 Natsuki tries to stop Sakunoshin

 Natsuki Worried about Sakura

 "Peau" has dinner with Tommy-kun

 Peau has dinner with Tommy-kun: Another look

 “Peau” meets Peau in disguise

 Batanan Tries to Kiss Natsuki Goodnight


 Natsuki Undercover: A8

 Natsuki Undercover: A2

 Natsuki Plays Mouse with Batanen

 Natsuki Entering the “What If...” Fantasy Sequence

 Human Natsuki on the Street

 Human Natsuki meets Human Sakura

 Moody Human Natsuki.

 “Haven’t you ever loved anyone?”

 Human Natsuki Prepares to Jump

 Human Natsuki Sprinting toward the Jump

 Natsuki in the Catbird Seat

 What Natsuki Loves Most of All

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