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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1: Maron, Jeanne, & Fish Fin

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This gallery highlights sketch sets featuring Maron, the "normal" protagonist, her magical helper, the angelic Fish Fin, and her magical girl alter ego, Kaitou Jeanne, the real deal!

 Jeanne in a trap: A1 (layout and rough)

 Jeanne in a trap: A1 (douga)

 Jeanne in a trap: A2 (layout and rough)

 Jeanne in a trap: A2 (genga and douga)

 Jeanne in a trap: A3 (layout and rough)

 Jeanne in a trap: A3 (genga and douga)

 Jeanne in a trap: A4 (layout and rough)

 Jeanne in a trap: A4 (genga and douga)

 Jeanne in a trap: animated dougas

 “You’re not fit for this job”: Rough 1 (Jeanne)

 Maron and Fish Fin: Rough and Layout

 Maron and Fish Fin: Gengas and Timing Sheet

 A Setback for Jeanne: layout and rough

 A Setback for Jeanne: genga and douga

 Jeanne Victorious: layout and rough

 Jeanne Victorious: gengas

 Jeanne Victorious: C5 END douga

 Jeanne Victorious: Animated dougas

 Jeanne Catching Her Breath: A1 genga

 Jeanne Catching Her Breath: A2 genga

 Jeanne Catching Her Breath: Animated Dougas

 Jeanne Saves a Pet Monkey: A1-A2

 Jeanne Saves a Pet Monkey: A4-A5

 Fish Fin: Repro Cel

Curator: 60something-sensei
Gallery Created: 8/3/2002
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