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This classic Sunrise production went CG midway through the series. The design and dramatic instincts, however, remained intact to the end. This gallery highlights the title character: it takes no great artistic talent to make a half-demon look scary, especially when he's got a huge sword. What is impressive about Sunrise Studios' animators is that they make Inuyasha look exactly like himself even when he's irritated, frustrated, or even a little confused.

The highlights of this gallery are the reanimations, done by my friend Vampyreshoujo.

 Inuyasha Confronting Bankotsu: Layouts

 Inuyasha Confronting Bankotsu: Roughs and Douga

 “It’s Not a Job for Humans!” Layouts

  “It’s Not a Job for Humans!” Rough and Dougas

 Inuyasha Lures Entei into a Cave: C1

 Inuyasha Lures Entei into a Cave: C5

 Inuyasha Lures Entei into a Cave: C11

 Inuyasha Lures Entei into a Cave: animated version

 Inuyasha confronts Entei: A1

 Inuyasha confronts Entei: A5

 Inuyasha confronts Entei: A10

 Inuyasha confronts Entei: animated dougas

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 1

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 2

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga A7 douga

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 3

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 4

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 5

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 6

 Inuyasha Squishes Myoga 7

 Inuyasha Flying with Kagome

 Inuyasha Being Bugged by Shippo

 Animated Yasha Leap

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