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Hyper Police Sketches: Natsuki (and Sakura)

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This gallery is made up of several lots of gengas, with a focus on Natsuki and Sakura. (Solo images of the latter character merit their own gallery.)

Natsuki Sasahara, a half-human, half nekomata bounty hunter, is a surprisingly engaging character, one that, in odd ways, one genuinely learns to like during the course of the series. Her half-breed nature makes her vacillate between the world of animal spirits ("monsters") and that of humans, most memorably in the fine concluding episodes. At the same time she has an intuitive sense of what to do in a tight situation, and the inner power to pull it off.

It didn't hurt that her seiyuu was the excellent Yuko Miyamura, who had previously voiced Asuka Langley Sohryu in the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga, as well as Kazuha Tohyama in Detective Conan/Case Closed (and also the irrepressible alien NieA_7 in that series).

As with the gengas I've gotten from Tenshi ni Narumon, a 1999 Studio Pierrot series, the character design and animation planning are meticulous, and this lot contains some of the finest sketches I've seen for any series. Be sure to visit the thumbnails, which give you some attractive and often very funny alternative versions of the images displayed.

Also, there are many more sketches in this gallery that I've hidden to keep the visible holdings to a single page. From time to time I change the settings to put fresh images out to view. To see the rest, visit "Private Area," enter the password "seemorestuff," and return.

 Insane Natsuki

 SD Natsuki

 Natsuki and Sakura spill the hotpot

 Natsuki offers Sakura some dry cat food: Roughs

 Natsuki offers Sakura some dry cat food: A1

 Natsuki offers Sakura some dry cat food: AΟ

 Natsuki offers Sakura some dry cat food: A2

 Natsuki and Sakura Watch the Traffickers: layout and rough

 Natsuki and Sakura Watch the Traffickers: genga and shuusei

 Intense Natsuki

 The Chameleons accost frozen Natsuki

 Natsuki Faces a Battering Ram

 Natsuki Plays with the Bullet Fairies

 Natsuki: “something special”

 Natsuki gets a shock 1

 Natsuki gets a shock 2

 Natsuki Goes through Bounty Hunter TSA Security 1

 Natsuki Goes through Bounty Hunter TSA Security 2

 “Cover me!”

 Natsuki and Sakura on Assignment 1

 Natsuki and Sakura on Assignment 6

 Natsuki Plays with a Collar’s Amputated Tail

 Natsuki finds Sakura binge-eating: roughs

 Natsuki finds Sakura binge-eating: B1/D1
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