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Fuu, the scholarly-looking Knight, looks like the mildest-mannered, and by disposition she is the most polite and supportive. But don't underestimate her talents as an archer or her wind magic, as Asuka does to her regret!

 Fuu/Windom (TV)  

 Wistful Fuu  

 Umi and Fuu, ep. 6 c. 40  

 Fuu Regains Her Magic Glove: A1 and A2  

 Fuu Regains Her Magic Glove: A5  

 Fuu Regains Her Magic Glove: A13 cel  

 Fuu Regains Her Magic Glove: A6 (Layout and roughs)  

 Fuu Regains Her Magic Glove: A6 (genga and shuusei)  

 Fuu casting magic: A1  

 Fuu casting magic: Aァ  

 Fuu casting magic: A4  

 Fuu casting magic: Aィ  

 Fuu casting magic: A7  

 Fuu casting magic: A27 cel  

 Fuu casting magic: A9 and Aゥ  

 Fuu casting magic: A38 cel  

 Fuu casting magic: A10 and Aェ  

 Fuu’s Magic: B2, B4, B6  

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