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Hikaru, the feisty Fire Knight, often takes the central role in the adventures, which sadly means that she also takes the brunt of the punishment that they involve. The sketches I've gotten of her are among the most dramatic and artistically compelling that I've ever seen in Japanese animation art.

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 1

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: A1 cel

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: Another A1 cel??

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 2 (White Rough)

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 2 (Yellow Rough)

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: A7 cel

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 6 (White Rough)

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 7 (White Rough)

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 8 (White Rough)

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 9 (White Rough)

 Hikaru Casts Fire Arrow: 10 (Yellow Rough)

 Vulnerable Hikaru

 Bashful Hikaru

 Hikaru blasted backward: background

 Hikaru blasted backward: A28 cel

 Hikaru draws her sword of fire! A1 and A2

 Hikaru draws her sword of fire! A3

 Hikaru draws her sword of fire A4

 Hikaru draws her sword of fire! A5

 Hikaru draws her sword of fire! A6

 Hikaru saddened by Emeraude’s attack

 “You summoned us to Cephiro?”

 Hikaru grows determined

 Hikaru hears Presea’s voice
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