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Umi is often the most irascable and impulsive of the three, logically so as her element is Water. This makes the sketches of her in action compellingly fluid ... but also images of her at rest are also full of motion, thanks to the way the studio realized her sparkling waterfall-like hair.

 Umi portrait

 Umi Casting Water Dragon

 Umi and Fuu Split Screen

 Breezing Up

 Mokona’s Mad at Umi

 Frantic Rabbit-Ears

 SD Umi

 Concerned Umi

 Umi reacts to Clef’s warning

 Umi Transforming into Selece

 Umi Transforming into Selece: Layouts

 Umi Transforming into Selece 2

 Umi Transforming into Selece 3

 Umi Closeup A3

 Umi Closeup A4

 Umi Closeup A6

 Umi Closeup A7

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