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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 22 (The Temptation of Eros)

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This corridor shows a complete set of gengas, from Step 22 (Just Stretch Your Hand and . . . See?), making up cuts 88, 152, 228, 231, 249, and 300.

Tennimon fans will recognize it at once as one of the threads that tie this intense, surprisingly dark episode together. While the main story shows Noelle's troubles as her halo grows stronger and more dangerous, a subplot shows Eros being surprised by a strange glow and noise coming from the underwear drawer of her mistress Silky's secret dresser.

He tries to ignore it, but little by little he's enthralled by curiosity. As the Noelle story comes to its climax, this subplot too brings Eros to a tragic decision.

Script: Mamiko Ikeda
Storyboards: Mamoru Hosoda (as "Katsuyo Hashimoto")
Episode Director: Akira Shigino
Animation Directors: Takako Onishi and Tetsuya Yamamoto
(see the first item for more information on this distinguished lineup.

 The man ...

 ... and the temptation

 Running in circles

 C10 cel

 The dresser starts to shake


 "I'm Curious!"

 Approach ...


 But on the other hand ...


 C31 cel

 Hopping Dresser

 Daisy petals

 The final turn

 C41 cel

 Timing Sheet

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