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This corridor collects art from the classic episode 49 (The Road to Victory), which concludes the original MKR saga and brings the complex second story arc to a close. A series of lucky purchases has brought me a variety of production art -- layouts, roughs, gengas, shuuseis, cels, and dougas -- for several of the dramatic cuts in this episode. So this gallery provides an interesting “behind the scenes” look at the creation of this important anime’s conclusion.

Scriptwriter: Nanase Ohkawa
Episode Director: Hitoyuki Matsui
Animation Director: Atsuko Ishida
Assistant Animation Director (Mecha design): Masahiro Yamane

Ohkawa, the chief scenario artist of CLAMP, had allowed other hands to write the scripts for the early episodes of MKR's first season before taking charge of the adventures that brought this story arc to its tragic conclusion. With the second season she took no shortcuts, supervising the second story arc from its beginning and scripting every one of its 29 installments.

Episode director Matsui had done two episodes in MKR's first season but left more of an impression on the second, directing eight episodes including the critical first and last installments. A widely ranging studio artist, he also directed four episodes of CCS as well as four early episodes of Inuyasha. His most notable assignment was series director of Record of Lodoss War (1998). He continues to work widely in the industry, mainly as a storyboard artist (e.g., for Black Butler).

Atsuko Ishida came to the task of animation director with considerable experience, including dougas for Fist of the North Star and gengas for Ranma ½ and Saint Seiya. Like MKR series director Toshihiro Hirano, she previously had worked on both Urusei Yatsura and the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA. After this assignment, she served as character designer for Shamanic Princess (1995) and Shin Hakkenden (1999). Masahiro Yamane was also credited for this episode but seems to have focused on the animation relating to the mecha sequences, a specialty of his.

CAUTION! Major spoilers abound in descriptions! I've put these all below the images, but as the cels largely tell the story of the final conflicts, please use caution if you have not seen MKR to its conclusion.

 Nova backs off, cut 6:1

 Nova backs off, cut 6:2

 Nova backs off: A7 cel

 Nova Terrified

 Presea begs Alcyone to reveal Debonaire’s secret: cut 50

 Alcyone intuits Presea’s secret: cut 62

 Alcyone in Crisis, 74:1

 Alcyone in Crisis, cut 74:3

 Alcyone in crisis: cut 74 (Reanimation)

 Umi, Fuu, and Presea react: cut 75

 Alcyone in crisis, cut 78: 1

 Alcyone in crisis, cut 78: 2

 Umi and Fuu react, cut 80: 2

 Alcyone in crisis, cuts 81/83B

 Alcyone in crisis, cut 83B: 2

 Alcyone in crisis, cut 83B: 3

 Alcyone in crisis: A20/B6 cel

 Umi, Fuu, and Presea Look on in Horror: Cut 86 (genga and shuusei)

 Alcyone surrounded by the curse: Cut 87

 "Lord Zagato!" (Cut 88)

 Umi Mourns Alcyone's Passing, cut 98

 Presea, cut 104: B1 genga

 Presea, cut 104: B2 genga

 Rayearth flying toward Debonaire: cut 128
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