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Cardcaptor Sakura 16: Episode 46 - Yue Captured by Sakura’s Magic

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This corridor explores an acquisition that I?d never even dreamed might exist: a collection of cels from an entire cut, in this case the climax of Episode 46 when Sakura, at the end of her ordeal, is able to use her magic to capture her judge, Yue.

First look above at an animation of the entire collection of cels in motion, thanks to my friend vampyreshoujo. Then click the images below to explore some of the very rarely seen items that came with this set, and get a sense of what goes into the actual planning and filming of cuts like this.

 Timing Sheet

 Genga and Base Douga

 A3 Yue layer: no effects

 A5 Yue layer: no effects

 A3 Yue layer complete

 A5 Yue layer complete

 Capture Complete!

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