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Tenshi ni Narumon 05: Miruru and Gabriel

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Cat demons can be extraordinarily cute but they can also be very very hazardous to date, as the vampire Gabriel finds out. TnN's character design was never sharper than with these two strange bedfellows.

Miruru's seiyuu was Mayumi Iizuka, also an accomplished J-pop singer. She performed the ED theme song for the Nakamura anime film Catnapped! as well as performing the feline role of ChuChu. She is best known for her work in Pokemon, where she voices Kasumi (Misty in the English dub) in all the various TV series and movies of this extensive franchise.

More Miruru can be viewed in the gallery devoted to Step 21 (There are Untrue Truths), in which this character plays a pivotal role.

Gabriel was created by Nobutoshi Hayashi, a voice actor with an especially extensive set of credits in video games, including Final Fantasy and Dynasty Warriors. His anime credits include Lancer in the Fate/stay night saga, Ban Mido in Getbackers, and Tasuki in Fushigi Yuugi.

 Miruru taking orders from Dispel

 Miruru as a strangely familiar cab driver

 Miruru is terminated?!?

 Miruru in Gabriel’s Arms

 Miruru and Chu-chan

 SD Miruru and Gabriel: layouts

 SD Miruru

 SD Gabriel

 Together at last!

 Gabriel Keeping in Shape

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