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Tenshi ni Narumon 01: OP sequence

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Datte datte datte datte daisuki dakara
Doko doko doko doko doko demo tsuiteku

One of the most mind-rotting yet ineradicable opening themes in anime history. One of the interesting things about the opening is that parts of it change almost show to show, featuring the characters who are active in the current set of episodes. So the first few show the giant robots featured in Dispell's first plots vs. Noelle, but after Episode 13 Dispell himself drops out, replaced by Eros and Muse. Sara, being invisible for the first part of the show, is first represented only by a floating origami figure, then takes her place later on. For this reason, there are more OP cels out there than you might think, especially since the studio also produced a number of test cels that were never actually used.

 OP: Noelle Exercising

 OP: Yuusuke Exercising

 Noelle OP

 Yuusuke OP

 Noelle Glomps Yuusuke: E1/F1

 Noelle Glomps Yuusuke: F3-F6

 Noelle Glomps Yuusuke: F8-F9

 Noelle Glomps Yuusuke: F12-F14

 Noelle Glomps Yuusuke: F16

 Noelle Glomps Yuusuke: reanimated gengas

 Noelle’s Incredibly Heavy Butt

 Dispel: A1 genga

 Dispel: A3 genga

 Dispel: A4 genga

 Dispel: A10 cel

 Dispel: A15 genga

 Dispel: A17 genga

 Dispel OP: Reanimation

 Ruka: gengas

 Ruka OP: A6 cel

 Miruru ("... or like a Snail on Its Green Leaf")

 Squid Noelle OP

 Muse OP

 Eros OP
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