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Cardcaptor Sakura 02: The Fly Capture

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One of the climactic moments of Episode One: After a hair-raising chase in which Sakura vaults onto the back of The Fly, then uses Windy to bind it and bring it back to earth, she leaps to the ground and captures it, as The Fly struggles desperately against its bonds.

Then, in a tour de force of animation, thanks to the supervising animator Kumiko Takahashi, we see the Card slowly "melt" into strands of power, which are drawn into the emerging card. Start with the "overview," where you'll see a reanimation of the entire genga set and get full details on what went into making this brilliant sequence.

 Capturing Fly: An Overview

 Capturing Fly: The Bank

 Capturing Fly A4

 capturing fly A10

 capturing fly A12

 capturing fly: A13

 Capturing Fly: A13-A15 gengas

 Capturing Fly A19

 Capturing Fly A20

 Fly Capture A24

 Capturing Fly: A25

 Capturing Fly: A16 genga

 capturing fly A35

 Capturing Fly A37

 Capturing Fly: A17 genga

 capturing fly A42

 Capturing Fly: A18 genga

 capturing fly A47

 Capturing Fly: Mopping Up

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