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This corridor samples several interesting batches of sketches showing the other adventurers or group scenes. Many of these are impressively oversized and among the most elegant sketchwork that I've seen.

Again, please visit the thumbnails for alternative takes, which are often as interesting as the main images.

 Zel Looks Back

 Zelgadis Attack Pan A1/A2

 Zelgadis Attack Pan A3/A4

 Gourry Attack Pan

 SD Gourry

 A Scene at Mealtime

 Gourry Confronts Zangulus!

 Vrumugun Must DIE! genga

 Vrumugan Still Isn’t Dead!

 Zelgadis Aghast!

 Copy Rezo Triumphant!

 The Sword of Light Falls!

 A Daring Move!

 Frozen Halciform

 The Tenacious Martina: A1

 The Tenacious Martina: A2

 The Tenacious Martina: A4

 The Tenacious Martina: A6

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Gallery Created: 8/3/2002
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