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This corridor includes the rest of the large and memorable cast of this series.

 Presea’s Library: Concept Art

 Emeraude Pardons Ferio

 Fountain Plaza in Cephiro Castle: Concept Art

 Ferio sizes up Fuu

 Princess Emeraude in captivity

 Princess Emeraude in captivity: A2

 Princess Emeraude in captivity: A10 cel

 Emeraude Confesses 1

 Emeraude Confesses 2

 Lantis on guard

 Eagle Vision: rough and layouts

 Eagle Vision: A6 cel

 Guru Clef: Ep. 46

 Mokona Frightens Presea

 Nova Smirks

 Peaceful Nova

 Lantis’s Adversary: Nova? (layout)

 Lantis’s Adversary: Nova? (rough)

 … or Hikaru? (layout)

  … or Hikaru? (rough)

 Nova Triumphant (layout)

 Nova Triumphant (rough)

 Primera prepares to cast her healing spell on Lantis

 Primera Heals Lantis
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