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This corridor is devoted to items with original watercolor backgrounds. There are a few cels in other corridors that have their original backgrounds, but in these the background itself is the star and the cel (if any) is just an appendage.

I've put the most dramatic and interesting backgrounds on the first page, especially my precious clutch of art from Ep. 68, which used a distinctive and especially lovely impressionist approach. But the others on the following pages often have interesting stories and sketches that go with them. Click the thumbnails for some interesting insights on how the studio set up these scenes.

 Ep. 68: The Sacred Cherry Tree

 Ep. 50: The Courtyard of Sakura’s School (with “The Nude Angel”)

 Ep. 50: Downtown Tomoeda

 Ep. 68: Clow Reed’s Garden: The Cherry Blossom Tree That Just Won’t Bloom

 Ep. 68: Sakura branch

 Ep. 68: Clow Reed’s Garden: Summer

 Ep. 68: Clow Reed’s Garden: Fall

 Ep. 68: Autumn Leaves

 Ep. 68: Clow: “Have you ever considered that?”

 Ep. 68: Fall landscape

 Ep. 68: Fall landscape

 Ep. 68: Clow Reed’s Garden: Winter

 Ep. 68: Flowers in the snow

 Ep. 68: Flowers in the snow: background alone

 Ep. 68: A New Spring Has Begun!

 Ep. 1: A Cardcaptor is born!

 Episode 1: A Starry Sky

 Episode 1: A Tomoeda Street at Midnight

 Ep. 4: The Wood Takes over Sakura’s House

 Ep. 4: Out onto the laundry deck

 Ep. 4: The Wood Basks in Sunlight

 Ep. 4: Negotiating The Cellar Steps

 Ep. 4: Down in the Basement

 Ep. 8: A Good Spot for a Fight
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