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Umi Closeup A3
Source: Game
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A3
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 9/3/2004
Updated 5/24/2017
This sketch pack contains gengas and shuuseis showing close-ups of Umi, first concentrating with head bowed and eyes closed (A1, second thumbnail). She opens her eyes, turns sharply to the left, and then swipes her hand back across the screen to the right, twisting in the same direction and casting (Water Dragon, I'd assume).

These are especially dramatic gengas, since the pencil lines, both black and colored, are much broader than usual, making for an appropriately “splashy” rendering of Umi, the Water Knight.

None of the sketches I got identify an episode or cut. Umi is dressed in the battle armor that evolved after Fuu met Windom and before Hikaru met Rayearth (big shoulder pads, no headdress). This would normally place it in the TV Episode 15-18 range, but there are many stylistic differences between these sketches and the artwork used in these episodes.

For this reason, both Snakeskii and Rallihir believe these images come from the Sony Playstation video game rather than from the anime. In fact, Rallihir now has a Playstation cel that matches one of these gengas, clinching the ID.

When I obtained this pack, it was missing the A2 and A5 gengas, the ones that would show the fullest eyes-forward facial images. My guess is that the previous owner kept these or sold them separately. Sad, but no matter: the remaining images still generate a lot of voltage.

This is the A3 genga, with the shuusei in the first thumb and pretty shut-eyed A1 in the second.

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