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Presea, cut 104: B1 genga
Source: TV
Layers: 0
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: B1
Standard size

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Added 8/25/2004
Updated 3/25/2013
Cut 104. After learning Alcyone’s secret, the Knights don their mashin and fly off in pursuit of this story arc's big boss. Their companions wait behind anxiously, among them Presea, holding a uncharacteristically glum Mokona. The camera pans past the the Knights' tense friends, ending with a a big zoom into a closeup of Presea’s worried face. (See how this is planned on the genga.)

Click the fingernail for the shuusei, where the animation director, Atsuko Ishida, really tries to make the character’s eyes "pop."

If you go to "Private Area" and enter "seemorestuff," you can return and also have a look at the rough and the layout, which show how Mokona began with his usual hakuna-matata expression, which was progressively toned down in the early sketches to make this scene properly tense.

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