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Next 9 - Lina Dodges a Magic Attack: Really Roughs
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Added 8/6/2004
Updated 6/1/2017
Slayers Next, Ep.9, cut 242. And of course the meeting is a trap. This extensive sketch set shows Lina under magic attack. The sketches show a ball of power, crackling with sparks, arching toward Lina, who is standing on the wing of a giant bird effigy.

In the rest of the cut, she leaps off just in time, and as the explosion blooms behind her and debris cascades downward, she gracefully glides to another ledge on the left edge of the page, then bounds directly toward the “camera,” ending the cut with an extreme close-up of her face.

Sketches for this complex cut included a copy layout, two layouts, 8 roughs (some really rough, some more refined), 6 gengas of the powerball, two of the explosion, 8 of Lina jumping, a mouth layer, and 5 shuuseis.

This batch samples the “really roughs,” which are rarely preserved in sketch sets. Some of these may come from the Slayers Next animation director, Takashi Watanabe, or more likely from the episode director, Hidekazu Sato. They represent first-stage planning, similar to storyboarding, on how this shot is going to be realized in principle. Others are more likely by the episode's animation director, Kazuhiro Sasaki, refining these rough ideas in preparation for the genga stage.

Displayed on this page is a schematic outline of how the power ball will arch away from the camera toward the tiny figure (Lina). The two thumbnails include a slightly refined schematic of the same sequence, on white paper, and another very rough diagram of the bird effigy that forms the backdrop to the first part of the cut.

Move one item ahead to see the next (again quite rarely seen) stage in the animation process; move two ahead to see Lina more clearly.

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