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Next 9 - Lina Dodges a Magic Attack: A4, B7, B8
Source: TV
Layers: 0
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A4, B7, B8
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Added 8/6/2004
Updated 6/1/2017
These three sketches show gengas fully realizing the images planned out in rough in the previous sets. This one, the A4 genga, shows Lina leaping forward as the power ball explodes behind her.

The thumbnails display the B7 and B8 gengas, as Another genga (not imaged) shows how the camera will pan down as this explosion develops behind her, following the cascade of debris. The numbers at the bottom of these gengas represent stages in this pan: the B7 shows the start of the pan, with the bottom of the screen at level 1, while the B8 image comes at the halfway point of the pan, with the bottom at level 5.

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