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Sakura's Birthday Suit: B11
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B11
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 7/12/2004
Updated 8/30/2013
Episode: Sakura, Syaoran, and the Fushigi Dreams.

Syaoran: [turning restlessly in bed] I don’t know what’s got into me! Ever since that Yamazaki fellow loaned me that Miyuki-chan DVD, I’ve been having nothing but fushigi dreams. First I dream that I’ve switched bodies with Meilin, then I’m dropping through the floor into some alternate dimension to meet the Time-Space Witch … what next?

Sakura: [from the dark] … Syaoran-kun …
Syaoran: Who’s that?
Sakura: Who do you think it is … Syaoran-kun?
Syaoran: No … it can’t be … and your clothes … you’re … you’re …

Sakura: [coming out of the shadows at the foot of his bed] No, in the summer this is how I usually sleep … but I thought you always slept in blue pajamas.
Syaoran: But I do sleep in … [he looks down: wardrobe malfunction] Oh noooooooo!

Sakura: Get a grip on Yourself, Syaoran-kun.
Syaoran: But … but … but …
Sakura: Very well, then, Syaoran-kun, I will have to get a grip on Yourself.

Syaoran: [leaping up from the bed in mortal terror] AHHHHHHHH!!!! [He looks around; Sakura has disappeared; the room has returned to normal; he has his usual blue pajamas on; he pinches himself all over and sighs a deep sigh of relief] That’s the last time I ever watch a DVD with nekkid women in it ever again!

A voice from the bedclothes beside him: … Syaoran-kun …
Syaoran: Oh, no! What is it now?
Noelle: [sticking her halo-clad but otherwise unadorned form out from under the sheet] Will you help me become an angel … Syaoran-kun … ?


Sequence number: B11.

I’d been watching this cel on the Animegame dealer’s site for a long time, and when open-eyed Nude Banks started to go for increasingly obscene prices on YHJ, I figured I’d better snap this one up while it was still available. A good thing, as supplies of these have dramatically dried up since then.

However, Macron’s cel gallery has the immediate sequence-buddy from this set, the B10, which frames Sakura's right eye nicely between her thumb and first finger.

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