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Tomoyo captures the action
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Added 7/12/2004
Updated 3/23/2013
Episode 28 (Sakura and the Incantation Cards), cut 275. This genga shows Tomoyo absorbed in her favorite activity: recording the exploits of Sakura-chan. It devotes a surprising amount of detail to Tomoyo’s camcorder and came accompanied with a second genga of Tomoyo’s eye. In the broadcast version, I presume, she was supposed to have the “glimmery” eyes she gets when infatuated with her hero.

The thumbnail adds the fluid, vigorous rough sketch, probably by animation director Makoto Koga, one of CCS's regular sakkans. Koga later gained more visibility as character designer/chief animation director for Aria (2005) and Sola (2007).


Where this image fits in is a mystery. The sketches label it as coming toward the end of the episode, and if you screen the DVD, you'll see that when Sakura seals the Card, she looks up to find that Tomoyo has been filming the whole battle. So she's there, with her school uniform, cap, camcorder, admiring smile and all. But never in this particular pose!

I’m guessing that this was a cut that for some reason was edited out during production.

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