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Holy Bell
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A75
Standard size

No Background

Added 5/28/2004
Updated 1/9/2016
This is Belldandy’s angel, who plays an important part in the movie, singing a life-giving song with the goddess in the forest. While her wings are not visible in this image, still her eyes are lovely and the arm is posed to make this a graceful and lovely cel. Sequence number: A75.

Cels from the first part of this long cut show Belldandy and her angel singing together. SME's Sailor Moon Cel Gallery has a cel from this early part of the cut, the A54/B53 set. But the "camera" slowly pans up into the lush forest background during this cut, so Bell slowly “sinks” as you can see from cels that follow: Absolutely Magical has one earlier sequence mate that shows her torso and wings (but no Belldandy layer), while Chip’s Cels has the nearby A62 in this sequence, Acetate Addiction, the A65, and Ladyhipoo’s Cel Collection, the A72.

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