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Giant Sweatdrop
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C11
Standard size

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Added 5/1/2004
Updated 10/27/2013
Episode: 31 (Sakura and the Mysterious Book). Sakura nervously looks down the street into the darkness, where two giant glowing eyes are coming in her direction. Sequence number: C11. The sweatdrop is so big it even has a little highlight! This cel also highlights this flamboyant battle costume that already makes her look larger than life, though at this point she’s feeling very very tiny.

Welcome to those who have come to this cel by way of Michael's Cardcaptors. I have two other Episode 31 cels in my online gallery: one is "Supersized Sakura," the next item in this gallery, and the other is “Timid Giant” under "Sakura Portraits." If you're visiting, please feel free to look through this and my other CCS galleries, and leave me feedback if you have suggestions.

For a time, most cels showing this costume were swept up into this private collection devoted to the "Dragonslayer" episode, but recently art has become more available. For instance, Macron’s Cels Gallery now has the C4 genga that is a close match to this cel.

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