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Sakura's Birthday Suit: A26
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A26
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 10/18/2003
Updated 8/30/2013
Episode: Sakura and the Fresh-Air Birthday Celebration

A knock at the door.

Sakura: Oh, Tomoyo-chan! Ohayo!

Tomoyo: Ohayo gozaimasu, Sakura-chan! I ran over to be the first to wish a very happy birthday to our neighborhood’s fearless defender against Clow Card castastrophes!

Sakura: T- T- Tomoyo-chan … [small sweatdrop]

Tomoyo: [grasping Sakura’s hand, her eyes glittering] And in honor of the occasion, I have pledged to make a special commemorative birthday videotape, one that shows our beloved Sakura-chan as she has never been shown before!

Sakura: A … ano … w- what is it going to be about? [larger sweatdrop]

Tomoyo: [puts her hand to her cheek, closes her eyes, and grows faint with anticipation.] The title will be “Sakura-chan Does Her Trademark Magical Girl Transformation Bank in Her Very Own Sakura-chan Birthday Suit.” [She gets out her recorder and powers it up.]

Sakura: [multiple sweatdrops] “My Sakura-chan B- Birthday Suit…”? Does that … mean … ?? [She thinks about it for a moment.]


Sequence Number: A26.

This is one of the eye-opening cels from the notorious “Nude Bank” that have come on the market recently. Sadly for all us Viagra-popping dirty old men, this is as explicit as they ever get. Other cels from this sequence are featureless below the collar bones or shoulder blades: no belly buttons or any other anatomical features.

They were designed not as hentai images but as a time- and money-saving device for the animation team. By creating undressed cels of Sakura’s form, the studio could simply put the costume of the week on a top layer and keep recycling these cels like the base layer of a paper doll set.

Rallihir in fact has a cel set from the Second Movie with an unclothed Sakura overlaid with a costume cel. Oddly, though, a number of the "nude bank" cels that have come on the market show her using the bird-headed wand from the first and second TV season, and this cel is standard-sized, not movie-sized. So presumably the studio prepared unclothed bank cels for every eventuality, and only a few actually got used. Still, this is an attention-getting experiment in thrift.

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