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Akuma-kun (Toei, 1989-90)

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Hyakume as a toad chased by kids
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B1-B2 B4
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Added 6/12/2023
Updated 6/12/2023
Another genga set from this episode shows Shingo’s sidekick, the many-eyed Hyakume, after he’s been transformed into a toad by Gomory’s magic. Here he’s being chased down the road by a pair of curious boys who want to capture what seems to be a rare species of toad with multiple eyes. Hyakume races toward the viewer, pursued by the boys, until one of them trips and threatens to land on the transformed akuma. At this point Hyakume makes a desperate froggy leap to the right, while the boy lands flat on his belly. (Move ahead to see this sketch reanimated in a simple way.)

The whole set was interesting in many ways as an example of the animator’s handling of an action scene. Even the first images, in which the three characters are far away, show a good grip of their characters. Featured is the B4 keyframe, showing the complicated moment when the bad kid on the left trips and starts to lose his balance just as he catches up with his desperate prey. At the same time, the thinner kid to the right, who’s been encouraging his fellow on, opens his eyes wide, sensing what’s about to happen. The B1 and B2 (somewhat enlarged from actual size) are included in the thumbnails.

The seller indicated that all these gengas were executed by key animator Hiromi Niioka [新岡 浩美], a wide-ranging Toei artist who also worked on Kitaro and Pokemon.

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