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Hata-Onryō (75)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A3
Standard size

No Background

Added 6/9/2023
This character, called a Hata-Onryō (畑怨霊) or “vengeful spirit of the crop field,” turns out to be the supernatural culprit of this episode. I gather from fansites that this entity is responsible for the failure of the azuki bean harvest. This has made the three members of the “Azuki Allied Forces” turn to a scheme in which they drain the life energies from humans to build up those of the beans on which they depend. Kitarō breaks up this scheme but then learns the reason why they have been reduced to such measures. He agrees to confront the Hata-Onryō on their behalf.

This cel, a colorful and intense image of this malign yōkai, is from this climactic scene. You can see that it is the base layer shown in this screen grab from a fansite:

Notice the line that extending to the right of the yōkai’s giant neck: from the screen grab you can see that Kitarō, flying on Ittan Momen, is winding some kind of cord around him to incapacitate his dark powers.

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