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Daruma (8)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: A7
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Added 3/17/2023
Episode 8: "Daruma's Yokai Consultation Bureau" (Daruma Yōkai Sōdanjo [ だるま妖怪相談所]). This mostly comic episode concerns a daruma, or Japanese nesting doll, who wants to rent an office for a counseling center for troubled yōkai. The building manager gives him an especially good deal for a space on the fourth floor. When the daruma goes to set up his bureau, however, he finds that there is no fourth floor in the building. (The number four is pronounced shi in Japanese, which is also the word for “death,” and so it is often skipped in numbering floors in buildings, just as there is often no “Floor 13” in many American buildings.)

The daruma vows revenge for being cheated, opens his belly, and over-runs the building with his “children,” setting up the week’s conflict.

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