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Sakura running toward Syaoran: art board
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Oversize, 19.5W x 11.5H

No Background

Added 3/12/2023
Updated 3/12/2023

Ep. 9, cut 59. Sakura comes out of her flowery, sunshiny reverie and looks at her watch: she’s still got plenty of time, but she decides to hurry and not be late. When she turns the corner, she sees with dismay that Syaoran is already waiting for her at the bus stop, and she rushes down the street toward him. (He too was cautious not to be late.)

This oversized art board (19.5” x 11.5”) was interesting to inspect with the help of a high-density scan: like others for this series, its foundation was an excellent photocopy of the original sketch: the image of Sakura and the outlines of the houses behind her resolve into dots in extreme magnification. But the artist (or a supervisor) radically revised the entire design of the background in holograph graphite. Yes, even the outline of the bushes and the tree behind Sakura.

I’ve added two details from this art board in the thumbnails. The first shows the photocopy image of Sakura’s right eye: it and the two horizontal lines to the left are clusters of dots. But the original lines have been partially whited out, and a new set of lines have been penciled boldly onto the sheet above and, vertically, to the left of the eye. The second scan shows the design of the house’s front door, with a light on the wall to its right. If you look closely, all of these details resolve into strong holograph pencil strokes, and you can also see where a window had been placed in the original copy and has been almost completely obliterated by white-out correcting fluid.

This street scene is (as with other backgrounds from this scene) blurred in the final footage to keep the viewer’s focus on Sakura, and it’s slid rapidly behind her layer to make it seem as if she’s running to meet up with her date. So it is an interesting sign of how high the production values were for this series that the artist spent so much time making this house facade (and its greenery) just exactly so.

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