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Thumbelina glides down on a leaf
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A14
Standard size

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Added 12/30/2022
Ep. 8: Thumbelina: The Buzz-Buzz Contest [おやゆび姫 (ぶんぶんコンテスト), Oyayubi Hime (Bunbun Kontesuto)], cut 184. This cel comes from the second of four episodes devoted to this famous tale. This one largely involves a sequence in which Thumbelina escapes from the frogs (the first creatures who take a liking to her) and then is swept up by a group of June bugs who take a fancy to her. Only a passing sequence in Andersen’s tale, this is developed up into an elaborate scene in which several insects clash with each other for ownership of the tiny human girl.

Eventually, Thumbelina gets away from them, and she happily uses a falling leaf as a gentle way to leave the tree canopy and get back down to earth.]

Cels from this adaptation of Andersen’s tale are extremely uncommon, and this one showing the main character was in exceptionally brilliant condition. This cel came carefully folded up inside a sheet of yellow paper, where its previous owner had kept it safe from the effects of light. The outside is labeled “No. 147,” perhaps an inventory number from the Japanside collector’s horde.

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