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NieA appropriates Mayuko’s croquettes: reanimation
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 31
Cel Number: A1-A31 END
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Added 7/27/2022
Updated 10/11/2023

.The dougas were a full set and nearly all complete images, and with the timing sheet I was able to do a pretty-good rendition of how it was animated. It wasn’t easy, as the dougas were not simply run through from A1 to A31 END, but frequently looped back to show repetitive actions, lingered over some poses, and darted through others (such as the gulping down of the croquettes) at maximum speed.

I’ve not tried to replicate the mouth-layer movement or the chewing at the end as that would involve combining layers in a way that is hard for me to do with my limited graphic software. I did cover the gap in the action between Cuts 270 and 272 by dissolving the scan of the douga A14 into A15, and I added a brief fade at the end to buffer the loop back to the beginning.

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