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Chianti and Zucco watch Elisa weeping
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Cel Number: A1E B7E
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Added 7/25/2022
Ep. 47, cut 200: The Wild Swans (Part 3). Elisa, having taken a vow of silence in order to disenchant her swan brothers, is taken to a castle by a kindly king who is captivated by her beauty. There he shows her every kindness, but, as Andersen’s tale relates, she says nothing in reply.

>[T]he King . . . commanded that music be played, the costliest dishes be served, and the prettiest girls dance for her. She was shown through sweet-scented gardens, and into magnificent halls, but nothing could make her lips smile or her eyes sparkle. Sorrow had set its seal upon them

In this transitional scene, in which Elisa kneels weeping in her bedroom, Chianti and Zucco appear as spectators, providing commentary and linking to the next scene. There the evil archbishop (a typical baddie in Andersen’s fairytale world) argues that the silent Elisa is a witch and must be executed.

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