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Pippi Longstocking 2: Character and Setting Design

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Pippi: Character Design (Final Form)
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Added 7/16/2022
Updated 8/19/2022
If my guess is right, the next step would be a full-figure portrait of Pippi's new look. That turned out to be remarkably successful. The hair is extravagant but droops enough to be realistic, and Pippi's broad mouth is made all the more engaging by the buck teeth. Also notice the way her overalls are just slightly askew both around the neck and above her panties. The three-quarters pose is informal, with Pippi facing slightly right, but with eyes moving sharply left, as if she's just about to turn and dart to the left.

The 2014 Maburoshi publication includes a sketch (p. 94) that likely set up this image. Though it shows her mouth closed rather than open and colors her clothing differently, it is otherwise identical to this image. Interestingly, the shoes show signs of revision, moving from the short “Oxford saddle-shoes” to the longer clogs of the final design. Again, it looks as if that sketch had been reduced to “trace lines,” printed on the back of plastic sheets, and then colored in experimental ways.

In any case, Pippi now seems relaxed and comfortable to be the girl she is.

The thumb again gives an unaltered scan of this picture.

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