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Lilla Gubben, Pippi's horse
Source: TV
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Added 7/16/2022
Updated 8/19/2022
This photograph shows that a character design image was made of Pippi's boon companion, probably also as a single-layer test cel. Notice how the photo shows a reflection off the surface of the image in the top left corner.

The horse, famously, is never given a name. In Swedish Pippi calls her friend “Lilla gubben,” or “Little Companion.” English translations render this “Old Man,” “Alfonzo” or even just “Horse.” I personally like “Ol’ Feller” as a close equivalent to the attachment Pippi's phrase implies.

The 2014 Maburoshi book contains two pages of character studies for the horse (pp. 83, 103), but none identical to this image. The unaltered scan of the photo is added in the thumbnail.

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