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OAD: Sakura thanks Kero-chan: copy sketch
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A1 B1
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 3/20/2022
Updated 10/31/2022
OAD (Prologue: Sakura and the Two Bears), cut 228. Sakura has suddenly started piecing together something special, and Kero, seeing that she intends to spend the night finishing the project, asks if he can help. She responds that it is something only she can do, but Kero persists: “I’ll do anything I can to help you.” Sakura, seeing the depth of the beast’s devotion, emotionally thanks him,

The sketch is for the most part a grayscale photocopy, with holograph colored pencil elaborations to guide the background artist’s work. As you can see, the image of Sakura’s face nearly fills the frame, and Kero’s body takes up most of the space toward the right frame. But the colors visible behind them needed to compliment their colors and suggest a realistic setting. Notice that the artist has colored the edges of Sakura’s hair and of Kero’s body to emphasize that these are places where the background will be seen.

A set of holograph purple pencil lines outline two folds of colored cloth, and show where they meet the wooden floor and a vertical wooden frame (I believe that this is the base of Sakura’s bed, and the cloths represent her blanket and sheets.). This resulted in the background design seen in the next item.


This OAD [Original Animation Disc] was released in September 2017 with a special edition of vol. 3 of CLAMP’s Clear Card Arc manga. It retold the ending of the original CCS manga, this time following the original story more closely. (Ep. 70 of the original anime laid the foundation for the second movie, The Sealed Card and and showed the creation of the Card Without a Name, which plays a crucial part in that film’s plot.)

But the OAV replaces this plot turn with something closer to the manga's conclusion. Here, Syaoran finally gets up his nerve, presents the teddy he has made to Sakura, and declares his feelings. Sakura, unsure how to respond, discusses her ambivalence to each of the other major characters, and in the end she seals her romance by crafting a special plush bear (with wings) to reciprocate Syaoran’s present. This is why she is so emotional during this scene, and why Kero-chan, who deeply loves Sakura in his own way, is so fulsome in his offer to help.

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