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Yue and Kero inspecting the Cards: more sketches
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: C1 D2 E2
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Added 3/20/2022
Updated 3/20/2022
Ep. 1, cut 202. The two magical helpers inspect Sakura’s now blank Cards on a low table and exchange opinions on what might have happened.

This pair of sketches focus on the table in the book layer and how the cards will be scattered around the surface. It is interesting that these are outlined in blue, meaning that they would be generated in the CGI animation rather than painted onto the table. A note reminds the CGI artist that while the cards are blank, they should still suggest a third dimension. Kero hovers over the cards with a worried look.

The thumbnail adds an earlier conception, evidently copied from tinted paper and so a rough by one of the senior animators (possibly Hamada again). This shows Yue in outline, but mostly focuses on how the scattered spread of cards needs to look.

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